Types of Architecture Photography

Types of Architecture Photography

I’ve met many buildings in my life, most of which I have liked. They range from extremely large, large, medium and small, but all have merit in a design sense in their own right. Some buildings are more challenging to photograph than others, but I can usually swing some pretty decent shots. Interiors photography is often a large part of a photography assignment as interiors and exteriors are seen as a holistic entity and are often designed by the same firm.  But what are the different types of architecture photography?

I wanted to share with you the fields of architecture I am involved with as a bit of a follow on from my first blog postWhat is Architectural Photography’? Architects generally call these fields ‘sectors’ but there are also additional fields of photography such as for commercial and industrial clients, real estate developers and builders.

Without further ado, here is my (I hope) comprehensive list:

Public Architecture Photography I Cultural Architecture Photography

  • Museums, galleries, theatres, entertainment centres, libraries, courthouses, government buildings.

Commercial Architecture Photography

High-rise or medium to low density office buildings, mixed use developments (which include office space with other facilities such as retail, hotel and apartments).

Stadium and Sports Architecture Photography

Large stadiums and arenas, athletics stadiums, aquatic centres, indoor and outdoor recreation complexes.

Education Architecture Photography

Universities, tertiary institutions, high schools, primary schools.

Hospitality Architecture Photography I Retail Architecture Photography

Restaurants, bars, cafes, boutiques, retail stores, department stores, shopping centres, food courts, food and beverage outlets.

Health Architecture Photography

Hospitals, health education facilities, dentistry, hospices, aged care facilities.

Hotel Photography

Large hotels, boutique hotels, resorts, serviced apartments.

Residential Photography I Apartment Photography

Executive residences, private residences, apartment complexes, housing developments.

Landscape Photography I Urban Design Photography

Landscape and urban design in outdoor spaces adds to the community in a beneficial way, promoting a sense of place and well-being.

Architectural Model Photography

From a large scale, highly detailed model or a simple card model.

Commercial and Industrial Photography

For commercial businesses, builders, construction, mining companies and those fields that aren’t strictly classed as ‘architectural’.

Albany Entertainment Centre Architecture Photography
Cabinet Offices Architecture Photography
enex100 Interiors Photography
Cabinet Offices Architecture Photography
AK Reserve Athletics Stadium Architecture Photography
Princes Street Interiors Photography