Ten Photos: Ten Stories


Choosing ten photographs has been difficult, but each one shows a different dimension to architectural and interiors photography – I’ve included a short commentary on my relationship with that particular shot in that space and time.

Albany Entertainment Centre

Flying to Albany to shoot the new Albany Entertainment Centre and attend the Opening Ceremony was an exciting opportunity in my early years of photography. Friday night was squally, and shooting from a boat in the harbour was far from ideal. I was so relieved when the weather cleared up on the Saturday afternoon, just in time for the Opening Ceremony.  Dressed in a frock, as befitting the occasion, I captured many of the main images, slipping in and out before, after and during the Ceremony itself… Albany Entertainment Centre by Cox Howlett & Bailey Woodland and Roberts Gardiner Architects

Hillarys Residence

A perfect summer day, the intoxicating smell of the salty sea air and the most impressive sunset one could ask for. Who could not be inspired by the enthusiasm of a fabulous new client whose company built this striking family residence… Hillarys House by Nineteen12 and Hillam Architects

North Perth House

I was told that when the sun reaches a certain point in the sky, the recycled brick splashback lights up. I was not disappointed; the natural sunlight enhanced patterning and shadows and the golden glow added to the homely feel of this spacious house on an extremely narrow block… North Perth Residence by Arcologic

Waiting for darkness I captured this shot – the black background illuminated by the glowing louvred box and lights off the palm trees is a striking site to behold. The complement of colours is warm and inviting, giving a tropical feel. The owner relates that her husband likes to drive past the house at night when the lights are glowing to appreciate the sight, and if the lights are not on, he rings to ask her to put them on and drives past again… The Tree House by Collière Architecture

The Tree House
Rahaman House

I visited this house during Open House Perth 2016 and fell in love with it. Working alongside their architect, the owners created this unique family home.  I think it was the textures and materiality that blew me away the most – the rawness of the recycled brick, concrete and glass; yet it had a warm and welcoming feel to it. The Rahaman’s had decided to move on and embark on another project and I can’t wait to see the outcome. It was also a great experience to be a part of Open House and be welcomed into spaces that the public don’t often get to see… Rahaman House by Ian Rodgers

Post-cyclone sky (no filter), the fond memory of swarms of flies (in my mouth, in my nose, on my lens), and the kind of quiet that you don’t quite find on a shoot in a City came together to portray a building designed for the harsh necessities of life in an unforgettable moment in time… Carnarvon Police and Justice Complex by Cox Howlett & Bailey Woodland

Carnarvon Police and Justice Complex

The elegance of this photogenic stairwell has stuck in my memory. I enjoyed playing with the composition of this photograph – capturing the cross-section of lines, contrasting colours and the sheer simplicity of design… The Office of the Premier and Cabinet Room by Cox Howlett & Bailey Woodland and Griffiths Architects

The Office of the Premier and Cabinet Room
All Saints College Performing Arts Centre

The gentlemen at the theatre were so passionate and helpful, showing me many and varied lighting and staging scenarios; this being one of my favourites (aided by my love of the colour pink). Caught up in their enthusiasm with echoes of my childhood piano-playing days reverberating in my head, I later Googled to see if I could afford a grand piano (sadly, no, I could not)… All Saints’ College Performing Arts Centre by Parry and Rosenthal Architects

District Courts Building Perth

I can clearly remember taking this picture – it was my first ever professional shoot (it was all down to me now). I was camped out on a balcony/roof of a building diagonally opposite, the buzz of nervous yet excited energy running through me. It was a rainy night and a storm was brewing and I was anxious about the weather, the light and of course, capturing that perfect shot, hoping that I wouldn’t stuff it up. Really pleased with this result, it has always stuck with me to look for different vantage points as I begin a new project…  District Courts Building by Cox Howlett & Bailey Woodland

An insight into my personal life: this was the first photograph I composed that began my love of photographing abandoned structures.  Taken in 2008, I walked past this site twice a day between home in Leederville and work in Perth (it is sadly no longer there). This photograph still hangs on the wall of my living room beside a black-and-white abstract of the King Street Arts Centre by my Sensei Graham Sands. If you get me in a talkative mood I may let slip that for almost ten years I’ve had the ambition to exhibit on the subject.

Newcastle Street House